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Green Wind Premium

Highly featured ductable air cooler with cooling beyond expectations

Robust Body

Highly durable UV resistant grade polypropylene body to withstand harshest weather conditions

Heavy-duty Motor

Aluminium die cast body with IP55 protection to provide resistance against moisture, F-class insulation


Highly reliable and durable with Mitsubishi Electronic Module to ensure maximum efficiency

Standing Type Pump

40 LPM to keep the pads fully wet when running

Level Sensor

Automatic pump switch off when water level is low

Drain Valve

Empty out water with one touch when system is not in use to avoid algae and bacterial growth

Adjustable Float Valve

Long lasting non-corrosive float valve with water level adjustment feature

Unique Water Distributor

Well designed water distributor to spread water evenly on the pads, leaving no dry pockets on it ensuring only cool air entry into the system

Magnetic Pre-filter

Easily removable dust filters to save pads from dust particles

Honeycomb Pads

120 mm thick high quality cellulose pads made with virgin kraft paper for maximum water absorption with 5 mm flute size to provide increased surface area for cooling

Remote Control

Increase/decrease speed, switch on/off pump with just a touch on the remote along with various other functions

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Green Wind Economy, Jumbo & Centrifugal

Wide range of ductable air coolers for wider applications from residential to industrial

Green Wind Economy

Low cost air cooler with the advantages of Green Wind Premium

Green Wind Jumbo

Air cooler for jumbo area applications like industries and warehouses

Green Wind Centrifugal

Super silent direct driven centrifugal fan air cooler

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Super efficient low cost ductable air cooler by the masters of air cooling

Sturdy Body

Long lasting UV resistant non-corrosive polypropylene housing

Efficient Motor

1.1 kW / 1400 rpm / 230 v / single phase super efficient motor to deliver 18000 CMH air

Reliable PCB

Variable speed drive inverter technology

Vertical Pump

Tall pump to pump water to keep pads fully wet

Drain Valve

One touch technology to drain water

Float Valve

Non-corrosive adjustable float valve

Honeycomb Pads

5 mm flute 100 mm thick cellulose pads with 25% more cooling pad area than other coolers

Remote Control

Wall controller as well as wireless controller for east operation

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Exhaust Fans

Super efficient exhaust fans for green house cooling applications

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Cellulose Pads

Highly effective evaporative cellulose cooling pads in a variety of sizes

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HVAC Grilles

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Great quality spare parts of evaporative air cooling systems

Standing Pump



Drain Pump

Float Valve

Level Sensor

Axial Fans